Short Takes

"Short Takes" is a dynamic three-episode podcast miniseries produced by the American Planning Association. The APA Podcast boasts 6,750 subscribers (and growing) and an average of 2,000 downloads per episode. Through APA’s newsletters, social media, and other amplification methods, the APA Podcast reaches a broad network of 40,000 urban planning professionals and allied professionals.

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in 2024

30 minutes

or less per episode

Sponsorship Opportunities

Exclusive Sponsorship | $5,000

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Limit to one sponsor per episode, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand. Co-branding will be featured in episode intros, outros, and promotional materials, including emails, newsletters, and social media posts.

Single Episode Sponsorship | $2,000

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Sponsor an episode within the Short Takes miniseries and receive co-branding recognition amongst our urban planning community!

Content Collaboration | $3,000 per episode

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Opportunity to contribute ideas or topics for future episodes, aligning your brand with innovation in urban planning. 

Why sponsor?


  • Targeted Audience: Connect directly with thousands of professionals in urban planning, from seasoned experts to early career planners.
  • High Engagement: Each episode, inspired by the narrative style of This American Life, not only tells a story but also educates its audience about effective planning practices that work.
  • Brand Visibility: Gain exposure on a platform that champions innovation and thought leadership in the planning community.


A signed insertion order must be received at least 10 business days prior to your start date. APA will reserve placement only on prepaid ads, for both new and current advertisers. APA reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason, including ads that mimic or closely resemble APA house ads. APA does not guarantee number of clicks, hits, or readership of advertisement. APA is not liable for any errors in text, content, artwork, or any other aspect of an electronic ad. APA will not edit an advertiser’s work. The advertiser must submit a corrected file. Advertisers and their agencies assume full responsibility for any claims arising from their ad against APA, its staff, or its website developers.

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