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80% - Playground equipment
79% - Simulation software

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Planning Editorial Calendar

Spring 2024

  • The New Math of Climate Resilience
  • Please, Stop Yelling at Me!
  • PLUS: 3 Skills to Up Your Planning Practice.
  • Planning to Age in Grace


  • Historic Preservation: The stories behind the sites
  • Economic Development: Downtown drinking zones
  • People Behind The Plans: Dave Amos, YouTube professor
  • Et Cetera: An homage to workers


  • Infrastructure: Leveraging parks
  • Tech: Multimodal planning
  • The Profession: Advice for new leaders
  • Planners Library: Single family housing, homelessness


  • Contributors
  • Perspectives: APA's evolving strategy
  • Community Green: South Texas Ecotourism Center 


Space Due: 2/6/2024
Art Due: 2/20/2024

Summer 2024

  • Taking Car-free Living for a Test Drive 
  • Community Engagement That Works—and Matters 
  • 2024 Trend Report Deep Dive: Food production 
  • The Best in Tech Tools

Space Due: 5/14/2024
Art Due: 5/24/2024

Fall 2024

  •  Adapting to a Hotter—and More Deadly—Climate 
  • Follow the Money: Assessing the Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act 
  • How to Upskill for a Changing Profession 
  • The Best in Tech Tools


Space Due: 8/9/2024
Art Due: 8/21/2024 

winter 2025

Topics coming soon!

Space Due: 11/8/2024
Art Due: 11/21/2024


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