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This Month @ PAS is an e-newsletter sent every month to all APA members and PAS subscribers, highlighting the latest practitioner-focused content from the Planning Advisory Service. PAS publications, comprised of PAS Reports, PAS Memo, and PAS QuickNotes, give readers actionable planning guidance and a deeper dive into important planning topics.


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PAS Reports

APA’s flagship research report series offers comprehensive guidance on key planning issues and innovative practices.

PAS Memo

Articles drawn from practical experience that provide actionable information on today’s important planning topics and tools.

PAS QuickNotes

Briefing papers explaining emerging trends, future-focused topics, and important tools for a concise planning overview.

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  • Space and artwork due 10 business days prior to start of ad campaign
  • 300-character text ad accompanied by heading and hyperlink
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  • Send artwork and target URL to April Gascon at [email protected] 

2024 topics include

  • Advanced Air Mobility

  • Strategic Plans & Planning
  • Next Generation Complete Streets
  • Environmental Justice and Zoning Reform
  • Digital Twins
  • Scenario Planning for Decision Making
  • Tech Empowerment for Planners
  • Mobility as a Service 


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