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Sponsor a custom webinar and maximize visibility with planning professionals while building strong leads.

Sponsor an APA Webinar


Webinar fee


Average Registrants


Average Attendance

What's Included:

  • 60-minute time slot
  • Hosting services, including practical rehearsal
  • Live organizer during the webinar
  • Opportunity to conduct live polls and Q&As through webinar platform
  • Opportunity to qualify for APA Certification Maintenance (CM) continuing education credits by providing your webinar’s learning objectives
  • Recording of live webinar
  • Full list of registrants and attendees
  • One (1) 728 x 90 banner on Planning.org to promote the webinar (35,000 impressions)
  • Six (6) total APA social media posts to promote webinar, (2) on each of APA social media channels (X, Facebook, and LinkedIn) over a two-month timeframe. 
  • Sponsor recognition and text ad in one (1) weekly issue of Interact e-newsletter


A signed insertion order must be received at least 10 business days prior to your start date. APA will reserve placement only on prepaid ads, for both new and current advertisers. APA reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason, including ads that mimic or closely resemble APA house ads. APA does not guarantee number of clicks, hits, or readership of advertisement. APA is not liable for any errors in text, content, artwork, or any other aspect of an electronic ad. APA will not edit an advertiser’s work. The advertiser must submit a corrected file. Advertisers and their agencies assume full responsibility for any claims arising from their ad against APA, its staff, or its website developers.

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