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Planning magazine is a publication printed quarterly with real-time content posted regularly to the Planning website throughout the year.

/Planning E-Newsletter

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 The /Planning e-newsletter delivers APA members and Planning subscribers fresh, timely, and actionable content every month. Become the exclusive advertiser in the issue(s) of your choice and reach more than 35,700 engaged readers!

INTERACT  e-Newsletter

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Interact is APA’s popular weekly e-newsletter for members. It’s full of news about APA events, opportunities, resources, products, and member benefits. Member surveys show that Interact is a favorite way to keep up with APA. And for advertisers, it’s a great way to reach more than 35,000 receptive readers in the planning profession every Wednesday. 

This Month @ PAS E-Newsletter

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This Month @ PAS is an email newsletter sent every month to all APA members and PAS subscribers. It announces the latest PAS publications and highlights related PAS and APA content to give readers a deeper dive into planning topics. The PAS portfolio is comprised of three publications: 

  • PAS Reports:  APA’s flagship research report series offering comprehensive guidance on key planning issues and innovative practices. 
  • PAS Memo: Articles drawn from practical experience that provide actionable information on today’s important planning topics and tools. 
  • PAS QuickNotes: Briefing papers explaining emerging trends, future-focused topics, and important tools for a concise planning overview. 


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The APA website is a top destination for news and information centered on the field of planning. It is popular not only with our members, but also with people from all over the world who come to APA to better understand planning issues and the profession itself, and to look for planning jobs, tools, research, consultants, and projects.

Sponsored Blog Post

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Publish your content marketing piece in the official APA Blog and position your organization as a thought leader in the planning profession.


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Sponsor a custom webinar and maximize visibility with planning professionals while building strong leads. 


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Sponsor an episode of APA's podcast and get exposure to a diverse audience of listeners, featuring content from practitioners deeply involved in the daily challenges and rewards of planning to those coming to the field with fresh eyes.

Short Takes

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"Short Takes" is a three-episode podcast miniseries by the American Planning Association. The APA Podcast, with 6,750 subscribers and 2,000 downloads per episode, reaches 40,000 urban and allied planning professionals through newsletters and social media.

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